Ravin Zero Cotton Jeans
Ravin Zero Cotton Jeans
Ravin Zero Cotton Jeans
Ravin Zero Cotton Jeans

Ravin Zero Cotton Jeans

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The style is a slim straight 5-pocket with a mid rise. The bottom leg is wide enough to cover a pair of hiking boots.

The fabric is a 3/1 weave made for high durability with no compromise on style.

The wash is a Light Indigo shade with subtle vintage jeans wear effects just like you already wore them for years.

100% pumice stone free (fossil material, a type of stone normally used in finishing of jeans).

100% permanganate free (highly toxic chemical, normally used in finishing of jeans).

Cotton is one of the dirtiest fibers on the planet and we humans love to wear it. Compared to conventional cotton, the Ravin Zero Cotton Jeans save approx 7000 liters of water by using 100% wood fiber compared to regular cotton. Here are a few facts about cotton:

1) Irrigation to cotton fields kill entire eco-systems, most often by saltification and makes the risk of catastrophes greater in heavy rains. At reDEW, we believe that people would be a lot happier if they could drink the water, use it for growing food and to re-establish part of the eco-systems that have disappeared. The trees used for the  Ravin Zero Cotton Jeans aren't grown with irrigation and even if they were, they grow in areas where water is a commodity, not a matter of life or death. 

2) Pesticides are used heavily in cotton fields and directly put humans and animals health as well as entire water systems at risk. Cotton alone uses at least 16% of all pesticides on the planet, something which trees simply don't need. 

3) Fertilizers are used at great extent in cotton fields, but like pesticides, they rarely stay on the field but spread with water to lakes and rivers where, as an example, algae grow faster and oxygen levels fall which has severe effects on the entire eco-system.

Our Zero Cotton jeans are made from next gen wood fibers by Lenzing, sourced from sustainably grown, FSC-Certified forests in Europe, and woven by ISKO. Zero plastics, zero hazardous chemicals, zero fossil stones.

Zero Cotton Jeans feel and look like traditional jeans. Enjoy, wear, and wash them like your old jeans, just make sure to avoid fabric softener.