Transparency matters in the clothing industry. Yes, it’s about sustainable fashion. And yes, sustainability is baked in our DNA here at reDEW8. But in all honesty, most brands are masters at describing what they do well; very few are honest about what can be done better. With our open book philosophy, we want to put an end to this, simply by telling you everything. This is radical transparency. Traceable. Accountable.

reDEW8 Fashion Supply Chain

Cotton 100% Organic Cotton GOTS Certified
Polyester Recycled, post consumer PET bottles
Lycra Made by Invista Europe
Yarn Spun by Sanko in Bursa, Turkey
Dye Made by ISKO in Bursa, Turkey
Weave Made by ISKO in Bursa, Turkey
Fabric Finish Made by ISKO in Bursa, Turkey
Shipping to Mauritius By sea vessel
Pattern Made by G-FORM in Stockholm, Sweden
Cut + Make + Trim Made by Denim De L’Ile in Mauritius using threads by Coats India (shipped by sea vessel) and labels made by Avery Dennison in Mauritius on imported tapes (from China, by boat) printed with ink made in Italy
Denim Finish Made by Denim De L’Ile in Mauritius using sustainable chemicals by Nearchimica in Italy and Asutex in Spain with the help of machines by Jeanologia in Spain and Tonello in Italy
Denim Button 100% copper without galvanisation
by Metalbottoni in Italy
Packing Made by Explast in Mauritius from partly recycled materials
Cartoon Made by Dakri in Mauritius from recycled materials
Shipping to Sweden/USA DSV by sea vessel