If you share our belief that we need to do everything we can to save this planet of ours, reACT. If you want to manifest your actions by wearing Redew Jeans, we’ll be forever grateful and you'll earn the titlereACTIVIST. Meet a few of the fine people who are putting their jeans to work around the world in the spirit of reACTIVISM.

reACTIVISTS Max Attwood and Les Stroud for reDEW8 Jeans
reACTIVISTS Jacob Raab and Chris Eneqvist for reDEW8 Jeans
Original art by reACTIVISTS Laura Bombier and Gaël Froget for reDEW8 Jeans

Redew reACTIVIST Global Wear Test

During the Redew reACTIVIST Global Wear Test, our jeans traveled to 69 unique locations and 50 countries. During these journies our reACTIVISTs gave us a huge amount of data which helped us develop jeans that are truly made for travel. It’s fair to say that many of these journeys are built into the jeans. The only question is how many additional trips and experiences YOU can add to the list.

 Argentine Ghana Quebec
Algeria Germany Romania
Australia India Russia
Arizona Italy Saskatchewan
Alberta Illinois Scotland
Botswana Japan South Africa
Bolivia Kenya South Carolina
Belgium Kansas Spain
British Columbia Malawi Sweden
California Mongolia Tanzania
Canada Manitoba Tennessee
Czech Republic Mauritius Thailand
Chile Missouri The Netherlands
China Morocco Tonga
Columbia Mozambique Turkey
Colorado Norway UAE
Costa Rica Nevada United Kingdom
Hong Kong New York USA
DRC Congo North Carolina Utah
Denmark Ontario Vietnam
Ecuador Oregon Washington
Finland Peru Zambia
France Poland Zimbabwe

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