Our Story

Our mission is to make the best jeans on Earth, in the best manner possible, while at the same time building a business philosophy based on what we value.

Denim is a dirty business. Take all the pesticides used to grow cotton, add river-polluting indigo dyes, sweatshop labor, and 2,900 gallons of water, then multiply that by 2 billion pairs annually. Redew is working to challenge the norms that currently define the denim industry. We're not about making another giant leap, we're simply about making it possible for people to follow their inner voice.

As a wise person said, ”buy less, choose well and make it last”.

Our History

Redew co-founder, Peter Lantz is one of the world's foremost denim experts with a decades long career working within denim design on an international level for some of the largest jeans brands in the world. In 2013, in his little hometown of Eskilstuna he met Redew co-founder, Anders Haglund, an outdoor sales and marketing professional with extensive experience establishing Scandinavian brands in the global marketplace.

Together, they discussed the negative environmental impact of most production lines and companies and how great it would be to work towards positive change (rather than just ROI). That afternoon Lantz sent Haglund an email outlining the basic principles that came to form Redew and continue to inform everything we do.

Redew uses the best jeans on Earth as a tool to prove that change is possible. On the product side, Redew is first about style, using technology to raise the bar of what's possible in denim. But more than just jeans, Redew is also denim with a mission. We donate 25% of our profits annually to international wildlife conservation through the Redew Foundation and the Redew Earth Prize.